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Some of you know how much I utterly LOVE Tim Hortons coffee (by the way, no grammatical error in, “Hortons”; there is no apostrophe)!  The other day I was walking by a little built-in ‘shelf’ of sorts on the side of a building.  I honestly had a reality check, as there are no Tim Hortons in the State of Illinois (or anywhere in this part of the country, for that matter).

I was stunned; how could this be?  There it was, a, “Timmies” cup beckoning me to take a photo.  Ah, the familiar white markings on the top of the cup.  “CSW” is, “cream and sweetener” (sorry it’s upsidedown).  Isn’t it funny how the familiar seems so unfamiliar when you aren’t expecting it!

I have no clue as to how this cup landed here in Chitown; we aren’t even near a border crossing, so I think the Tim Hortons Gods were taunting me! Perhaps it’s time for a Tim Hortons ‘run’ back up North! *grin*

Cheers to a great Canadian icon!

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