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I love to laugh.  I think it is vital to laugh; I physically feel better when I can chuckle and meander my way into a full-on belly laugh.  You know, I think laughter was put into our DNA as a way of changing our entire mood on a dime.

Laughing at ourselves is something that has taken me a long time to master.  Now that I laugh at myself a lot, it provides me with my own ‘built-in’ amusement, and perhaps a smirk or two for others.

Case in point:  A few weeks ago I was in line at a bakery.  An older, interesting-looking woman was standing near (but not in) the line.  Okay, I am going to make the huge assumption that this woman was a tad bit eccentric, wealthy, and quirky to boot.

She was looking at me so I simply said, “Hello!”  The lady replied, “Hi, are you an actress?” Feeling somewhat flattered I replied, “Why no, what would make you say that?” She quipped, “It’s your eyes…………………they’re wicked!” *LOL* Well I laughed so hard that I almost forgot to order my items!

I laughed at myself because I wasn’t insulted; I chose to think it was hilarious and it literally made my day!

Okay, here is another example from many moons ago.  I wanted to get a birthday card for a very dear friend of mine.  Despite the fact she is english, I wanted to get her a card in french as she is fluent in both languages.  In the area of Canada I was living in at the time, both languages were represented in the card section of a department store.  I saw a card I thought she would love, and was excited that I had chosen a french card.

I sent her the card and awaited her response.  I don’t think she could contain herself when she thanked me for the card but noted that the card read, “To a wonderful man on his birthday!” Oh honestly! I laughed (as did she) at my linguistic foible, and to this day it leads to laughter when either one of us mentions my “faux pas” with all good intentions meant.

Laughing 2

So here’s to a little bit of light-hearted humor at one’s own expense!  It will bring levity throughout the day.

As a recap to this post remember this:  I am not an actress, but look wicked enough to play one; and, I cannot read french.  🙂


23 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles: If We Can’t Laugh at Ourselves……..

  1. Belly laughs, thank you for that gift. 🙂

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    1. seaangel4444 says:

      *LOL* Ah, you are most welcome my dear! Thank YOU! Cher xo

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      1. Huge hugs Cher! xo

        Liked by 2 people

      2. seaangel4444 says:

        Right back at you, my dear! Cher xo

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  2. John says:

    Quebecer! Or somewhere near maybe. ❤️

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    1. seaangel4444 says:

      Hahaha, it was actually close by, John! Ontario but bordering PQ! Cher xo

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  3. This was perfectly timed. i had just finished my meditation. I am still very much learning, and I keep catching myself doing crazy things, becoming aware, and laughing.

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    1. seaangel4444 says:

      Well didn’t you just make my day, Hilary! Thank you so much for your comments! That’s brilliant to know you are becoming more aware, Hilary! Cher xo

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  4. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    We ALL need to laugh …. we need to feel “right” again!!


  5. Tee hee ha ha lol lmao

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    1. seaangel4444 says:

      Hehehehehe um, which part are you laughing at, Don? 😉 xo

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      1. I have no idea…

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      2. seaangel4444 says:

        Must be the wicked part! Here hee

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      3. Har har har hee hee haha

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      4. seaangel4444 says:

        Yep, wicked. 😉 xo


    1. seaangel4444 says:

      Awh, thank you, David!! Cher xo


  6. cadeauca says:

    This is a lovely post. Thank you for reminding me that I need to laugh at myself more often!

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    1. seaangel4444 says:

      Ah, why thank you my dear! I think it is so important for all of us to remember to laugh at ourselves!! I sure was laughing at myself again when writing this post!! Cher xo

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  7. Joanne Corey says:

    Thank you, Cher, for the post and the chuckles. I like the 10 to Zen list. I wish we were all heeding it.

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    1. seaangel4444 says:

      I love this list too, Joanne!! Laughing is really the best medicine as well It think! Cher xo

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  8. Quiche says:

    Oh, my sides are splitting!!! Laughter is the best medicine, I agree!! Quite recently I emailed Valentines Day cards from a card program I have. Unfortunately on the very top of the card it read: Happy Birthday – which I overlooked. Good thing we can chuckle at ourselves!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. seaangel4444 says:

      *LOL* I can relate my dear!! We sure need to chuckle at ourselves, don’t we? It helps! hehehehe Cher xo


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